One year sure does go by quickly doesn’t it. Last September I started this blog having itched to combine two of my true passions; travel and writing. The thought of sharing my words with friends, family, peers and strangers was daunting, but since my first post I’ve not once felt that way again. Without knowing what could come from it, The Art of Travelling Solo has grown into something more than I expected; it’s given me the opportunity to showcase my writing, discover that sometimes elusive belief in myself and realise that if you are enthusiastic about a topic, it organically injects life into the words you use to discuss it.

So, I’ll say something I don’t usually say much (in fact probably none of us do) – I am proud of myself. Proud of starting this blog, proud of what I’ve written about so far and proud to now be part of a fantastic community of writers and bloggers who I learn from every day. Solo travel is a topic I feel is often underwritten on and I am proud to share my experiences, ideas and enthusiasm for it as well as diminishing taboos about travelling by yourself.

Because I follow so many other travel bloggers, I’ve often grappled with the fact that I am not a so-called “digital nomad” travelling the world endlessly, writing and Instagramming about it constantly. I, like most people, can’t constantly travel for the simple reason that I have a job, a base, a life in London to occupy me and I’m very proud of that. I travel when I can and most of the rest of time I dream about where I want to go next and I’ve realised that’s fine – it makes every single trip I do take that much more thrilling. Maybe one day I’ll find my way to travel and write for a living, we’ll see, but whatever may come as long as life still includes travel and writing then I’ll be happy.

So finally, I want to say thank you, to you. For your interest, your follow, your time spent reading, commenting, liking or just taking a passing glance; for any small moment you have taken to check out my posts I’m going to say the warmest of Irish thanks, go raibh maith agat!

Happy first birthday The Art of Travelling Solo and here’s to many more to come.

Until next time. . .

Emma @theartoftravellingsolo


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