Rome for one

Settling in for the autumn ahead, it’s a good time to plan a city getaway – it is, after all, the perfect time of year to visit popular destinations minus the summer rush. Rome has always been on my travel wish list, but I remained wary of it being merely a tourist-saturated city. Would I enjoy … Continue reading Rome for one

California solo dreaming part II – San Francisco for one

What do you think of when you visualise San Francisco? Quite possibly the burning orange hues of the Golden Gate Bridge spring to the fore. Maybe it's rows of multicoloured Victorian houses or cable cars whizzing up and down hilly inclines. How about the notorious Alcatraz Island emerging from the fog that famously blankets the … Continue reading California solo dreaming part II – San Francisco for one

Berlin for one

There are some cities that I have visited and loved not because of any one thing in particular, but because they were simply nice places to spend a few days; places where I could wander around local neighbourhoods and soak up the atmosphere, where there might be a few things of cultural interest, but perhaps … Continue reading Berlin for one

Paris for one

Train journeys. There’s something quite special about them don’t you think? If though, the idea of a train journey has you instantly imagining your morning or evening commute, well that’s not quite the one I mean. Imagine instead that other train journey. The one where your final destination is somewhere quite special, quite unique — somewhere new, … Continue reading Paris for one

The art of the Christmas thank you. . .

Christmas Eve and I’m all packed, ready to fly to Ireland this evening – a miracle of sorts after frantically searching for my passport earlier when I realised it wasn’t in its usual place, eventually discovering it buried deep in what I like to call my-box-full-of-random-things! In grateful mode after the headache-saving joy of its … Continue reading The art of the Christmas thank you. . .